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Trail Collectors is an Inclusive Social Club for riders passionate about Mountain Biking, Skiing and similar mountain sports. 


The Club is based in Geneva, Switzerland with members mostly from the greater Geneva region but also from further away.


It is the most active, fastest-growing and most driven community of its kind in the entire region. 

Currently, we are primarily a volunteer-run group with the objective to build a large, active and close-knit community of like-minded people who want to ride as much as possible and evolve our local MTB scene beyond its current paradigm.


All our members contribute to organising regular rides, skill drill sessions, trail shaping as well as ski outings in winter and other fun events so everyone can benefit from an exceptionally large number of riding outings and socializing events with like-minded buddies at the lowest possible cost & effort. 

We actively contribute to the expansion and improvement of our trail network as well as help our members engage in our region's MTB community life, and enhance everyone's personal progression and the local MTB scene altogether.

We aim to develop an innovative organisational structure with a professional approach rarely employed in this space that will be able to outperform any currently existing MTB group or club, withstand the test of time and operate performantly for many years ahead. 


Our social, riders club's mission is fostering the growth and prosperity of this amazing community by continuously growing and enhancing its value proposition to best address the needs and preferences of its members. 


We aim to deliver on our mission by perfecting the club's operational framework in all its aspects, and by professionalising club organisers to enable them to deliver uncompromised and unparalleled value to its members and the local MTB community.

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