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About Us

Trail Collectors are the fastest-growing & most lively bunch of Enduro Mtn Bikers in the region!

We ride Enduro MTB all year round and in all weather, with regular Skill Drill Mondays sessions in various Geneva City Woods locations, Wednesday evening rides on trails all around and many weekend rides as well as plenty of random last-minute outings and simple social hangouts and biker BBQs.

Most riders are of intermediate level as well as several beginners, a number of very advanced riders and women. In summary, although most of the rides are on the upper intermediate level do not hesitate to join group rides as we always make sure it's fun for everyone.


Typically rides are announced in a clear and structured format with all essential information about the outing, on our website, our WhatsApp group and other popular platforms, to make it easy for you to see which rides correspond to your preferences.  At the same time random, last-minute outings are frequent too.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make mtb live in our region as awesome as possible! 

Bustling with mtb events, ever-growing world-class trail network and thriving community.

We know where the best trails are, we got awesome people to ride with and we coordinate it all to make the riding happen!

Searching for ride ideas and coordinating buddies to ride with is often very time-consuming. We, therefore, organise great rides so you can spend less time arranging rides and more time riding!

Our Objectives


  1. Create the most awesome, lively & well bound together social network of MTB Enduro Riders 

  2. Generate a large number of group rides, trips, weekends and multi-day trips choose from

  3. Assure regular and dependable mtb outings and events throughout the year

  4. Assemble a comprehensive database of the best MTB Enduro trails and spots in the region

  5. Advocate MTB interests in the region to develop more legal and purpose-built trails, MTB practice skills park with progressive jump lanes and technical features in our city and and in the region.

Get involved!

The Tribe

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Get involved and help us make it happen!

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