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Dear Trail Collectors and Friends of our Tribe, thank you so much for stopping by this page!
Your active support makes a very direct difference in the extent to which we are able to deliver our missionYour support not only helps to secure continuity of our regular rides and events, but it also allows us to work towards building legal trails and skills park in your 'backyard'!
Yes, besides building our MTB community and the organisation of rides and events, we aim to build a proper Skills Park here in town with progressive jump lines and features to facilitate and enhance your riding skills progression.

Together, with your support, we can continue and make our MTB life in the region truly amazing, bustling with lively events on dream trails! There are plenty of us in the region and the region has all it takes for it to become a top-class mountain biking hub.

Today you can become our Patreon and help us succeed!


Click the above PATREON button and make a difference!

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