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Trail Collectors' Tribe Code



Trail Collectors' Tribe is a community and no community can exist without engagement so don't just watch it all happening from the side, take an active part in the community life, engage in conversations, share rides, photos, join events or invite others to join your rides.



There are many ways in which you can contribute to the life of the Tribe however there are three core obligations of every Tribe member:

            1. Contribute at least 1 day per year to trail shaping

            2. Organise at least 1 properly organised and announced ride for others to participate

            3. Help others to join and engage with our community by inviting riders and sharing 



Simply say hello to the new joiners! We all know how it is when you join a larger well bound group you say hello and nobody replies. Yes we are a lot in a group so if we all said hello to every new joiner that would be too much but if you see there were less than 5 people who welcomed the new joiner to the whatsapp group for example then don't just sit there say hello too and make them feel welcome!



Respect not only other Tribe members, regardless of their fitness or skill level (we were all beginners once and we all get unfit sometimes), but also other trail users. Without respect, there are conflicts and conflicts lead to destruction and prohibitions. Our aim is to legalise trails and promote mountain biking in our region and for that we need unity, friends and positive charisma.



Without your support, we won't get very far. The most evident is your annual membership subscription with which you ensure we will be able to cover part of the operational costs and enable us to continue providing you with our rides end events.


The annual subscription is set low because we don't want money to be a reason you miss out on riding with us, but in reality, at the current level annual subscriptions only partly cover our expenses so if you really like what we do and you want to do the extra bit to help us continue, you can also donate via Patreon to support our mission. 

Another very meaningful way you can support the Tribe is by simply liking our posts on social media and by tagging us to your posts. It helps us significantly with visibility and reach. Teh greater our visibility and reach, the greater impact we can have with local authorities and potential strategic partners and the more our sport and community can grow.

And lastly but not least importantly, don't hesitate to tell our team members if you like what we do, we often put many long hours of our free time into organising all the events with everything around it to make it all happen and a good word is what really makes it all worthwhile for us.

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