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Organisers Team


Events & Communication

Besides his amazing riding skills, Nick's superpower is his ability to bring everyone together in having fun on the trails and makes us all progress our riding to another level!  Nick is at the very core of the TC structure development. 

Nick Farley


Events Support

Since the very beginning of the Trails Collectors Tribe, Tristan has formed the roots - bringing the essential logistical, organisational and moral support this group is built on! With countless epic rides organised and many more to come!

Tristan Vernet

Andrew 3.png

Andrew Szymanski

Organisation & Strategy

Everything that Trail Collectors is today is built from the ideas and endless passion Andrew has for mountain biking. He is the critical and logistical mastermind bringing the vision, the team and know-how that drives the growth of the TC tribe.

Strategic Support Team

Digital Marketing Analyst

In her leisure time enjoing all kind of outdoor trips and in professional live she is a marketing and communication expert aiding TC Tribe with our visibility effectivness and communication clarity.

Jessica Landim



Her pass time is hiking and in professional life, she is an accounting expert aiding TC Tribe with our accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

Cristine Casado

Christine Photo.png

Legal Advice

In Geneva since 2010 and a keen mountain biker since forever. When not riding bikes or skiing he is a qualified lawyer who lends support and guidance to the TC group on the small print.

Ben Raynor

the Tribes' official Barber

Marcello is our official barber and his Godfather-like figure is supporting our Tribe from the early days.

Marcello Lavalle

The Barbier Shop 2.png

Media Productions Team


Photographer, Editor & Drone Pilot

Nicolo Del Piero

Nicolo has a really keen photogrpaher's eye and brings out stunning shots from outdoor sports.  His passion and skill for photography, video and editing and riding bikes or skiing hard have brought us together.  


Photographer, Film Maker & Editor

A profesional videographer, an experienced film-maker and a passionate mountain biker, Lorenzo is the kraft specialist in our media production team making the cinematic magic happen. Along with Nico and Romain, he forms the team behind our best clips and photos.

Lorenzo Franchi


Social Media 

Talented athlete with a passionate riding stile and an enthusiastic social media content creator, Romain coordinates our social media presence and along with our team helps us produce new clips, photos and visibility campaigns.

Romain Giraud

Trail Shaping Team


Keen Enduro & Downhill rider, as well as alpine & touring skier. He started riding and building trails as a teenager in the mountains around his hometown in Andalucia (Spain). His passion for riding brought him to Geneva where he actively helps TC Tribe build and maintain trails in the mountains surrounding Geneva.

Jose Martin



Mountain biking since '94, David has worked as a bike mechanic and shreading on more than one continent. If you have been wondering who cleaned up the fallen trees, landslides, rockfalls from your favourite trails around Geneva, that was quite probably David.

David Varga


In Geneva region since 2016. He started mountain biking in the UK where he grew up. Today when in his free time not shereading the trails in the sounding Alps you may find him shaping them.

Rob Borner

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